TBD Enterprises, provides turnkey robotic & non-robotic automation solutions

We serve many Industries including but not limited to: Automotive, Heavy Truck, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Medical, Military, Marine, Hygiene (bath products, tubs/showers/spas), Home Goods, and general manufacturing. Which means we can also support you with robotic & non-robotic automation solutions.

We also work with a lot of different types of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites, soft trims, carpets, acoustic materials and many others.

We represent global leaders in robotic flexible automation. With more than 40 years of automation experience, TBD Enterprises, partners with our client’s to learn and understand their needs and objectives. We then provide and deliver positive results using our network of the high quality, cost effective suppliers. Each of our suppliers shares in our goal of making you successful.

As a global supplier of turnkey and engineered to order systems, TBD Enterprises, with its high value system solutions can support your operations nearly anywhere on the globe. Let TBD Enterprises show you why we are the partner you need. So if you are looking to automate your process, whether it’s WaterJet, Router, Laser, Assembly, Material Handling, Welding, Coil Fed Laser Blanking, Coil Feed Lines, Dispensing or any other type of automation, give us a call!


Coil Fed Laser Blanking

This awesome combination of Coil Feeding equipment directly tied together with Laser Cutting and Automatic Part Handling will significantly increase your productivity while reducing scrap and direct labor costs. Control of strip feeding in conjunction with laser technology eliminates costly stamping dies, cuts ultra high strength steel easily and is flexible enough to be extremely efficient even for low to medium volume products.

We provide solutions for manufacturing including but not limited to: Robotic WaterJet Trimming, Robotic WaterJet Cutting, Robotic Router Trimming, Robotic Router Machining, Robotic Laser Cutting, Robotic Laser Welding, Robotic Laser Trimming, Robotic Laser Drilling, Robotic Laser Etching, Robotic High Pressure Cleaning, Robotic Deburring, Robotic Assembly, Robotic Material Handling, CNC, Laser Cutting Machines, Laser Welding Machines, Robotic GMAW, Robotic Brazing, Robotic Soldering, Robotic Cleaning, Robotic Knife Trimming, Knife Trimming, Ultrasonic Knife Trimming, Water Jet Trimming, Water Jet Cutting, CNC Cutting, CNC Machining, Coil Fed Laser Blanking, Coil Feed Equipment, Assembly Machines, Tooling, Machining, Hybrid Welding, Hybrid Brazing, Laser Trimming, Laser Welding, Laser Etching, Laser Drilling