Abrasive WaterJet

TBD Enterprises supplies Robotic Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems provides an efficient alternative to conventional machining methods such as, sawing, shearing, punching and milling, as well as thermal processes including: laser and plasma cutting for deburring and cutting castings, forged parts and composite components.

Benefits and Advantages

• No heat affected zone, hardening or stress in the material
• Efficient material utilisation, small kerf width
• Omni-directional cutting of contours
• Limited cutting force on the part, only simple and cost effective fixtures
• Rapid and easy prototyping
• Simple design changes
• Flexible process allowing just in time manufacturing
• No secondary finishing is needed

How Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Works

In this method, abrasive particles (usually Garnet or Olivine) are entrained and accelerated in the high pressure waterjet in the nozzles mixing chamber. The abrasive waterjet can cut any material (by micro erosion). The water stream does not cause a heat effect on the kerf edge and hence the material is not subject to heat distortion or stress.


If you are going to machine hard materials like metals, alloys or composites, you’ll need an Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System. When very fine sand is added to the waterjet, an abrasive effect occurs that allows you to machine almost every type of material there is. Typical industrial applications are:

• Deburring and grinding of castings
• Cutting feeding gates and runners on castings
• Removing sand core from castings
• Cutting titanium parts, ie. fan blades and other jet engine components
• Trimming composites and fiberglass parts
• Cutting large metal tubes

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