TBD Enterprises provides Automated Material Handling solutions.

Our automated material handling systems increase up-time and overall part quality by quickly loading and unloading parts and accurately placing them in the desired location. The systems are especially useful in harsh environments that are uncomfortable or unsafe for employees.

Our systems can be programmed to load and unload parts from presses, molding machines and trimming systems, among other things. Our systems effortlessly move large, awkward parts that may take two or three people to handle.

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We provide solutions for manufacturing including but not limited to: Robotic WaterJet Trimming, Robotic WaterJet Cutting, Robotic Router Trimming, Robotic Router Machining, Robotic Laser Cutting, Robotic Laser Welding, Robotic Laser Trimming, Robotic Laser Drilling, Robotic Laser Etching, Robotic High Pressure Cleaning, Robotic Deburring, Robotic Assembly, Robotic Material Handling, CNC, Laser Cutting Machines, Laser Welding Machines, Robotic GMAW, Robotic Brazing, Robotic Soldering, Robotic Cleaning, Water Jet Trimming, Water Jet Cutting, CNC Cutting, CNC Machining, Coil Fed Laser Blanking, Coil Feed Equipment, Assembly Machines, Tooling, Machining, Hybrid Welding, Hybrid Brazing, Laser Trimming, Laser Welding, Laser Etching, Laser Drilling