WaterJet Cleaning

TBD Enterprises provides Robotic Waterjet Cleaning

Robotic Cleaning includes Washing, Deburring, De-Coring and Stripping

Robotic Waterjet Cleaning is an approach for washing, deburring, de-coring and/or stripping all types of contaminants from parts, assemblies, molds, fixtures, and carriers using pressurized fluids. This approach makes use of the robot’s ability to make sure that these pressurized fluids contact 100% of the surface to be cleaned.

Because of the precision of the robot, cleaning can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively than with existing industrial parts washers that use high volumes of heated, soapy water or stripping and de-coring systems based on chemicals.

TBD Enterprises, can provide you with a system based on your specific application needs, which might include:

  • Flushing chips and removing cutting fluids from machined metal parts
  • Deburring metal, composite or plastic parts
  • De-coring cast parts
  • Stripping glues, sealants, release agents and slag from molds
  • Stripping carbonaceous deposits and plasma coatings from metals
  • Stripping paint
  • Cleaning assemblies
  • and more…

We will help you determine the best system for your needs. Contact us.

How Waterjet Cleaning Works

Robotic Cleaning makes use of the appropriate fluid pressure required to clean or strip the desired materials without damaging the part surface. Utilizing the flexibility of a 6-axis robot allows us to put the right amount of Energy exactly where it is needed to clean a part. The more complex the part, the bigger advantage it is to use our robotic cleaning solutions for your cleaning challenges!

Benefits of Robotic Cleaning

  • The process uses tap water as medium
  • It is a cold process which does not damage the part
  • Residual material is only waste water and the substance removed
  • The robot will enable to clean complex 3D geometries
  • The robot will create a high level of repeatability and accuracy in the process
  • The process can remove a variety of substances
  • The enclosed cell will create a low-noise and safe environment
  • Manual and labor intensive work is replaced by a fully automated system
  • Preventive maintenance on the system is very limited
  • Results in a cleaner part than with other cleaning processes


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