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Water – A Natural Solution

Waterjet cutting involves passing water through a small diameter nozzle at very high pressure. The waterjet travels at speeds up to 900 m/sec, with sufficient kinetic energy to cut a wide range of materials. If sand is added, an abrasive affect occurs that allows the waterjet to cut hard materials such as metal and stone.

The flexibility of robotic systems enable manufacturers to make the most of their capital investment. Trimming programs can easily be changed or added so that several parts can be cut on the same system with virtually no set-up time. All of our trimming solutions are safe, cost-effective and highly productive.

How Waterjet Cutting Works

The high-pressure waterjet is used as a tool to cut a wide range of materials.

The fine jet is very powerful, with cutting speeds between 100 and 500 mm/s for a variety of automotive carpets and from 300 to 500 mm/sec for headliners. The speed of the waterjet and robot allow the cutting material to remain almost completely dry.

The energy required for cutting materials is obtained by pressurising water to ultra-high pressures and forming an intense cutting stream by focusing this high-speed water through a small, precious-stone orifice. The stream moves at a velocity of up to 900 m/s, depending on how the water pressure is exerted.

The process is applicable to both water only and abrasive jets. For abrasive cutting applications, abrasive garnet is fed into the abrasive mixing chamber, which is part of the cutting head body, to produce a coherent and an extremely energetic abrasive jet stream.

Working pressure up to 4.200 bar

The inlet water is filtered and if necessary treated to reach the recommended quality before entering the intensifier.

An electrically driven hydraulic pump (12 to 75 kW) is used to pressurize the process water with a double acting intensifier. The pressure peaks caused by the plunger reversing its direction at the end of each stroke are reduced by the attenuator connected to the high-pressure outlet line. The operating pressure lies between 3.000 and 4.000 bar, depending on the application.

The robot mounted cutting head contains both the air actuated on/off valve and the sapphire/diamond orifice. Its diameter is commonly 0,15 to 0,35 mm. A special mixing chamber with a focussing nozzle is needed when abrasive is added to the water.

Flexible cutting technology
Cutting routines for complicated 3D shapes that would be impossible to punch can easily be programmed with the robot.

The standoff distance between the nozzle and the part to be cut is about 5 to 15 mm. After it has cut through the workpiece, the jet turns into a spray and immediately loses its cutting power.

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